Excerpts from some Testimonials (new ones added!)

"My Surgeon said I was very fortunate to have the "opportunity" to participate in Elderfit".
Penelope Hustins Crane

"My doctor and physiotherapist and I attribute my ease of recovery to the strong muscles I built up through the aquacize program. Exercise in water is the only way I can exercise without pain, and therefore I do it.
It also provides a healthy social experience for me three days a week and I would be worse if it were not a part of my life."
Suki Starnes

"I believe the more an aging society benefits from programs such as Elderfit, the less strain they will put on our already over-worked and under-funded medical system. It has a proven track record of physical and mental wellness and empowers seniors to become participants in other beneficial community activities."
Carlyn Baltzer

"My weekly exercise sessions at the pool are very beneficial to me. This is the only form of exercise that I can stay committed to. .... ease of movements, friendliness of staff and instructors makes it rewarding."
Gailyn Risser

"Through the exercises in the pool I have regained a significant amount of movement after my stroke.
Helga Conrad

"I've been involved in Elderfit since its inception. I find the pool time is just what I need to keep me active and feeling ten years younger. The exercises are so easy on the joints. It's not work, but so much fun. We have a great instructor and all the members are so friendly. I can recommend Elderfit to anyone who wants to feel better and have some fun as well. So, like the Energizer Bunny, I just keep going and going and going!."
Mona Wentzel

"After I broke my hip bone a few years ago, I was told by my doctor exercise like water gymnastics would be the best remedy to get me back to normal. She was absolutely right! It is a pleasure to see how many other people have shown great improvements."
Edith Wolter

"My job, like many others today, was working hunched over a computer five days a week. That makes Elderfit ..... such a marvellous contrast. Like Elderhostel it started out in a small way but grew so quickly and I do appreciate the regularity of the exercises."
Lindy Guild

"This is just amazing. I have never seen such a diverse group of people meld into a team dedicated to healthier lives through exercises and with such a sense of fun."
Dr. Leslie Dubinsky

"For the first few months [after giving up work] I suffered chronic fatigue/depression ... and could barely get out of bed in the mornings. One of my friends who attended aquacize suggested I should join. I was welcomed with open arms by a group of wonderful people who were supportive and non-judgmental and soon fast friendships were established. It was and continues to be a lifesaver for me! It is not just the therapeutic value of the water and exercise but the opportunity to socialize with other Elderfit members."
Heather Nolsoe

"I really enjoy the Elderfit classes. They have been an important part of my arthritis care - my flexibility has improved greatly. When I am in the water I feel free. Most importantly the fellowship is a boost to my spirits - I look forward to coming to every class."
Myrtle Grant

"Elderfit is a lifesaver! Some time ago I began to have difficulty walking any distance, stairs were becoming difficult and generally moving about was not fun. I had started to attend Elderfit classes for exercise and found being in the water helped me to keep some muscle tone and relatively fit. ..... I had surgery on my right hip and after six weeks was back in the pool. Flexibility in that hip greatly improved with the Elderfit exercises and helped greatly to keep up my spirits which could be very low at times.
[A year later] I had my left hip joint replaced and after six weeks again I got back in the pool. With the deep water exercises my flexibility, muscle strength and general fitness has improved by leaps and bounds. Walking, climbing stairs and my balance, for the most part, have vastly improved. I have more energy. ....
The camaraderie and good fun we have in class is something I look forward to every week and I miss the mornings when I can't attend. ....
Thank you Elderfitters for your friendship in the water."
Anne Morison

"Following a double bypass operation, my cardiologist advised me to get into regular exercise. After 30 years in the military, exercise was not something I wanted to do. Two years ago, no longer able to move without pain in my lower joints and unable to breath without difficulty, I tried the Elderfit Aquacize program. Wow! I not only found something I liked and enjoyed but two years later I am practically pain free and find my breathing ability vastly improved. I can't say enough about this program. Just three times a week has brought me to a whole new level of quality of life."
Mitch Paradis

"I joined Elderfit about one year ago, hoping for an exercise program that I could follow. I have been plagued with rheumatoid arthritis since I was a teenager and have struggled to find things I can do that don't result in more pain and/or injury. I had heard of Elderfit a few times since we moved back to NS after 35 years of living in Alberta. I love the water, so I decided to give it a try. To my surprise, I was able to follow all the exercises offered in the classes (even with the challenges of noodles and flutterboards!). I amazed myself with what I could painlessly accomplish during the sessions. I noticed an increase in my strength and family members commented on how the shape of my legs has changed for the better! Recently my doctor commented on the strong muscles in my calves - no one has ever said that to me before! What became an additional bonus to the health benefits was the sense of welcome and friendship shown by fellow participants. Every swimming day I can't wait to get to the pool to share laughs and groans with the other Elderfit members. Elderfit has proved to be a wonderful, affordable program. The instructors offer a variety of approaches to the exercises, keeping classes fresh and interesting. These volunteers and their dedication to training and offering regular classes is truly admirable!"
Nancy MacDonald

"I'm doing Elderfit for 4 years now. Elderfit has improved my life in many different ways. Since I'm participating the program my flexibility has increased a lot. I feel less pain in my bones. And I am a lot more secure in the water, because I am not a good swimmer.
Nancy does a wonderful job to keep us all active and healthy. :) One of the most and important aspects is the community in Elderfit, the support and kindness, that I receive amazes me the most."
Renate Hausserman

"In my younger years I was an avid competitive swimmer, lifeguard and swimming instructor. My summer and part time jobs always involved aquatics whether in the pool or at the beach! I loved the water!!
When I became a young adult; studies, a long teaching career and family took the forefront and my swimming/aquatic life was a thing of the past. Moving to Chester was also so far from a real pool that my passion dwindled and I moved on to other physical activities.
In 2011, at 53 years of age I was diagnosed with a benign brain tumour. Surgery and radiation followed and life for me changed. I had to leave my teaching career of 33 years and was forced to become more sedentary than I had ever been due to balance issues and developing arthritic hips. I was searching for physical things that I could do!!
Somewhere I saw an ad for Elderfit Aquacize at Oak Island and I thought that was something I might be able to try. I called Martha to make sure I was old enough, and joined the gang at Atlantica. Being back in the pool was very therapeutic for me mentally and physically! I have very much enjoyed the aquatic exercises and the social interactions. Thanks to Elderfit Aquacize and two new hips, I am back to regular lap swimming at the LCLC. This past summer I also participated in a team triathlon in Bridgetown where I swam 750 metres in the Annapolis River! I still like to make time to get to Aquacize once or twice a week! Although there are many things I can't do, swimming has become a big part of my life again thanks to Elderfit Aquacize."
Emily Fraser

"I enjoyed my time at Elderfit last winter and plan to return at the end of golfing season.  I suffer from deteriorated disks in my neck and osteoarthritis
Also have two hip replacements.  Over the years I have been to numerous Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, and Osteopaths, all to no avail.  My Dr. has finally told me "I will just have to learn to live with it and lots of Tylenol".     Last winter was my first experience with Elderfit and I was amazed what a difference the exercises had on my condition.  Much less pain for months after but have to say I need to get back and continue with the great work of your instructors.  See you soon."
Jean Lucy

"My name is Nelly.  I'm from Brazil and have been living in Canada for two years and do not speak English well. I met Elderfit through my neighbor and friend Shirley.
Before I met this wonderful group, I did not feel comfortable to leave the house without my husband (he is Canadian, but speaks Portuguese well).  I knew few people, so I felt like an outsider. Being part of the group has helped me a lot!  Primarily because I started to exercise my body, which I had not done for a long time.  Secondarily because I met friendly people.  Even though I did not understand all that they were saying, they welcomed me with patience and kindness. It has helped me to not be afraid to try to speak English and has motivated me to improve my English. Best of all, I now feel part of the community. I am no longer an outsider! Thanks girls!"

“I only joined Elderfit in June of this year. I sent an email asking about the group and Martha called me within a few hours. Because of my hearing problem she suggested I go a particular small class and she was certainly right on. The instructors and members have gone out of their way to make sure I keep up and know what is happening. Even though I can't always hear what is being said, I still manage to laugh a lot. These classes have resulted in my feeling much better physically. I have more energy again. Even more importantly, these classes have helped me mentally and emotionally. I have had a rough couple of years of illness and as a result had retreated from most of life's activities. My husband is so pleased to have his "happy, smiling," wife back. I cannot thank Martha and the rest of the group enough for helping me be more like me again.”
Donna J Currie

“I became an Elderfit member, having been inspired by Mona Wentzell who has attended classes for many years. I have arthritis and the pool was perfect as I have been able to have a good workout without too much pain, something I could not achieve on land. I have also greatly benefited from making new friends who have positive outlooks and who enjoy having a laugh. The instructors, all volunteers, are excellent and their dedication is much appreciated. I highly recommend this programme.”
Marilyn Branson

“To all elderfit instructors! You girls are doing a fantastic job! Pat yourselves on the back - myself I have needed the inspiration and direction of a group inspired exercise the feeling of exhaustion as I drag myself from the pool knowing I have done good you done good girls!! - love it - will always support the elderfit group! (would be nice if more guys would join in - heavens do we scare them!!”
Lyn Wilson

“Just a note in appreciation of my time shared at Elderfit. I joined a few years ago on recommendation of dear friends, Dale Wentzell and Marilyn Branson. During my time shared I've made a whole group of wonderful new friends.. and I cherish that .. all so sweet! Look forward each week to my classes and the fellowship .. of my new pals. My Doc is very happy about my involvement in such a great program...and highly recommends it! The team of instructors are second to none... dedicated, kind and highly qualified ... am very fortunate and appreciative of that! I am convinced it's the best thing I can do to continue to enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and look forward to many more years of fun with my new friends. Thank you Elderfit.”
Betty Flack